Pine wood Wireless Headphones

The Process

  1. Design and modeling

AutoDesk Inventor

AutoDesk Inventor was first used to design the headphones. Simple extrusions and mates were used for this 3D model. Click here to download the 3D pdf.

2. Ear pieces

The ear pieces were then made. The elliptical shape was cut out using a handsaw. A chisel was used to hollow out the inside and taper the edges to accommodate the electronics

3. Integrating the electronics

The speakers, soldered to the PCB and to a li-po battery, were encased in the ear piece

4. Lamination of wood veneers

Strips of wood veneers were laminated together using PVA glue. A crude mould was created out of plywood and cardboard to laminate the veneers. Creative clamping was necessary due to lack of clamps.

5. Assembling

The ear pieces and the laminated part were assembled using paper clips to make a pivot joint. Paper clips were suitable since the metal is extremely rigid and thin. A small hole was drilled to make this pivot joint. The excess paper clip was cut off using pliers.

6. Additional steps

  • Two ear cushions were made using polyester stuffing, and glued to the headphone.

  • The two ear pieces were wired together.

  • Black leatherette was used to cover the wires.

  • A layer of varnish was applied to provide a protective and glossy finish.