Woodwork Projects

I have divided my projects into 2 categories:

Woodwork Electronics

This category is for projects that incorporate elements from both woodworking and electronics. Often, I use woodwork to create a case or a body to house my electronic project. I love this idea since the project can be built from scratch out of raw materials. It also gives a rustic and warmer look to the projects, which i find aesthetically pleasing.

Pine wood Wireless Headphones

Wireless bluetooth headphones made out of pine. The speaker units were salvaged from old headsets. A bluetooth module and a li-po battery were integrated. The headphones were modeled and designed in AutoDesk Inventor. An initial prototype was built for testing. After removing flaws, a final product was created using wood wasting methods and lamination of veneers using PVA.

Plywood Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers made of thin plywood sheets. The speakers were retrieved from a broken computer sound system. A bluetooth-amplifier module was added, powered by a li-ion cell. A boost converter was used to achieve a 5 volts supply. The plywood case was made by simply sawing and gluing with PVA glue

Pine wood Powerbank

A powerbank using 6 li-ion cells in parallel, giving a capacity of around 10000 mAh. A powerbank board is used to step up the voltage from 3.7 v to 5 v. It also has a charging circuit to recharge the cells. A case was made out of pine wood, by chiseling out the space for the cells, creating a box.


Woodwork is one of my favourite hobbies. I do not possess many tools, thus I have to get creative in my approach to some projects. My tools consist of a handsaw, a backsaw, a hacksaw, 2 chisels, a portable drill, 2 c-clamps and a hammer. Most of my projects are fairly small because of that.

Garden Tool Shelf with Hose Storage

A garden shelf used to store garden tools such as hoes, rakes, shovels, etc. It also has a reel to store a garden hose. The project was created using the design process (research, idea generation, development, testing). It was first modeled and designed in AutoDesk Inventor. It is made of plywood, and finished with 3 coats of polyurethane. It also has an LED lamp for use at night.

Compact retractable step-stool

A step-stool I made out of scrap plywood. It is retractable, this does not take much space. This project was made without any prior planning. I just started cutting and designing as I went. The folding mechanism uses a simple bolted pivot joint. Another bolt is used to lock the stool in 2 positions: down or folded.

Chess pieces (wood turning home setup)

This was the first project made with my homemade wood turning setup using a drill as the motor. The chess pieces were turned free hand using a chisel. You can read more on the wood turning setup below.

Semi-automatic rubber band gun (Child toy)

This rubber band gun can fire up to six bullets in succession without reloading. It is made of thin plywood sheets. The mechanism uses 6 notches, from which the rubber bands are fired one by one with each pull of the trigger.

Traditional wooden stool (no nails or screws)

A stool made using pine. Traditional wood joinery was used to join the legs to the seat. Round mortise and tenons were used, with wedges.

Rustic side-table

A side-table built using a cross-sectional cut of a tree trunk.

Clothes rack

A very simple clothes rack. The base was made of plywood. Aluminium tubes were fitted and glued into place. The holes were bored using a spade bit.

Martial-arts Phone Holder

A phone holder made of pine. It is in the shape of a martial artist kicking. The leg thus holds the phone. The figure was joined to the base using a headless nail used as a dowel. The shape was painfully cut using a hacksaw and sandpaper, since i do not own a coping saw or scroll saw.

Pencil Holder Couple-themed

One of my first woodworking projects. The figures were made using thin plywood sheets. The base is made of an unknown wood which was once the roof of my family's old retail store.