Garden Tool Shelf with Hose Reel

The Process

  1. Modeling and Design

AutoDesk Inventor

Before building, the project was modeled in AutoDesk Inventor. The 3D pdf can be downloaded here. The drawing file can be downloaded here.

2. Marking out

Parts were marked out accurately.

3. Cutting the parts

All the parts were cut out using power tools. A table saw was used for long straight cuts. A jig saw was used for short cuts. The band saw was used to cut out the circular shape.

Table saw

Jig saw

Band saw

4. Drilling

An electric portable drill was used, with spade bits, twist bits and hole saws.

5. Planing

A smoothing plane was used to round edges and smooth faces.

6. Assembly

Pilot hole drilling

Applying wood glue

Inserting screws

Installing the shelves

Gluing dividers

Installing bracket

Assembling reel

7. Finishing

Filling gaps with wood filler

Mixing varnish

Spray painting the pipes

Applying varnish


Gluing edge banding using iron

8. Installing lamp

Final Product