About Me

Who is Julien Hau?

Eternally curious knowledge-seeker, woodworker, inventor (sort of), Origami artist, student, and a mechanical engineer wannabe. I have always loved working on new projects and create new things. As you go along the different pages on this site, you will discover a bit more about my skills, passions and interests.

My Education

University of Waterloo (2020-Present)

Bachelor in Applied Science - Mechanical Engineering

Expected graduation date - 2025

Secondary School (2013-2019) - College du Saint Esprit

I studied at the College du Saint Esprit in Mauritius. I obtained my GCE O-Levels in 2017 and GCE A-Levels in 2019.

Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Design & Technology

My Roots

I am from a tiny island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius. It is not a very famous country, but it is where I spent all my childhood and teenage life.