To Mars! video game (Godot)

A video game programmed using the Godot Engine. This game was developed, programmed and conceptualized by me. A friend helped me draw all the assets and graphics for the game.

The game is available on the Google Play Store:

Source code:

Discount code finder (Youtube API, Python)

A python script which parses through several youtube videos, provided by the Youtube API. It then detects if there are any discount codes available in the video, since youtubers are often sponsored by brands. It then send these discount codes via email through a local smtp server. It can also use a Whatsapp API to send the codes.

Source code:

Manga Whatsapp Notifier (Python, Html scraping)

A python script which sends me a Whatsapp message when a new chapter of my favourite manga (japanese comics) gets released. It uses a Whatsapp API (Twilio). BeautifulSoup is used to parse the html code of a website to check for new chapters.

Source code: bot (Python Gui automation)

A python script which automatically draws for me in the popular game It uses gui automation to draw. A google image API is used to search for pictures to draw given a search word.

Source code:

Image to emoji converter (python)

A python script which converts any image into emoji, where each pixel is replaced by an emoji. The script uses the Pillow module to parse through each pixel of the image. It then uses an emoji database to look for the emoji with the closest colour.

source code: